Tallo Taller

Tallo Taller designs and builds gardens that generate a connection between users and the plant world.

Creative biophilic design office

Tallo Taller is a company dedicated to landscaping. They evaluate each project based on the needs of their clients and develop a concept that is the pillar of each proposal, where architecture and landscape come together to give way to new forms, environments and experiences.

They contacted me because they wanted to create a website that would reflect the passion and dedication they put into each of their projects.

The design process


In this project our focus was on benchmarking to have a better understanding of the business. Our clients had all the information they wanted to capture on their website.


The design was made in sketch, showing all the sections of the website and the layout of each one of them.


Once we reached the visual identity approved by the clients, we validated the proposal created with usability tests to reach the best organization of the page.


The website was developed in WordPress, to facilitate the maintenance and uploading of new information to the clients.