Santander Bank

OnBoarding Getnet

System to receive payments with credit, debit or prepaid cards.

A digital experience, with Santander's support and backing

OnBoarding processes are often a bit tedious, especially when there is sensitive data and a lot of information to enter.

The challenge in this project was to publicize the new payment system offered by the bank and to register as many customers as possible.

The design process


We worked with the PO to understand the business requirements, the data we needed to collect and the platform on which the form would be placed.


A form was designed with multiple steps where we would collect all the data, from the business address to the documents required for the contracting.


Due to the confidentiality of the project at that time, the tests were internal, with team members, both customers and non-customers of the bank.


The form would be included in the client's private portal and was developed in Angular, following the guidelines of the components already defined by the bank and respecting the design system.