Maxxa - Garantía Mercado Público

Website to request guarantees of Faithful Compliance and Seriousness of the Offer.

Digitizing processes

Maxxa is a Fintech that specializes in providing financial opportunities to small and medium-sized companies, with a focus on those that bid in the public market. Within the bidding process there are certain requirements, among which are the guarantees of faithful compliance and seriousness of the offer.

The aim was to create a portal where these companies could request and obtain these guarantees 100% digitally and without unnecessary paperwork.

The design process


My biggest challenge in this project was to understand how the process worked and everything the companies had to do to get all the necessary steps to enter a bidding process in the public market.


After interviews and information gathering with clients and executives, we started with the prototyping process, involving the development team from this point.


Usability testing sessions were conducted with end users, both executives and customers, to confirm that the solution was suitable for their needs.


The platform was made by the development team in Phyton, where I was able to support the HTML structure and SCSS with Bootstrap.