Edifito App

Edifito is an online software for the real state management.

Mobile app for residents

Although the main focus of the company is to improve and digitize the work of building and condominium managers, we wanted to include the residents in the process and facilitate communication between them and the management committee.

So we was decided to create a mobile application that would help them perform all their tasks more quickly and comfortably.

The design process


Interviews were conducted with the future users of the app to gather the necessary information and develop a product according to their needs.


Low, medium and high fidelity prototypes were developed throughout the process to validate the proposed solution.


The prototypes created were validated with usability tests and tree tests to organize the items in the menu in the best possible way.


Finally the final product was developed in Android Studio, where I was able to help with the styling to keep it in line with the prototype.