Hi there, I am

Andrea Guiñán

Front-End Designer

With more than 10 years of experience in the digital environment, curious and passionate about new technologies, detail-oriented and faithful believer in simplicity for user-centered design.

I enjoy the process of solving problems with a clean and scalable solution.

Defining and understanding the problem to be solved, empathizing, observing and investigating to leave behind all assumptions.
Analyzing and synthesizing the problem, starting to generate solutions for the chosen aspects, gathering needs and understanding the user's desires.

Developing a MVP to validate with users whether it effectively meets their needs and redefining it for continuous improvement.

Taking the elements of the prototype and converting them into functional code while maintaining the aesthetics already defined in the design stage.

Technologies and tools

I have experience working with Adobe Creative Suite and prototyping tools such as Sketch, Figma and InVision.
When I need to convert the design into code, I can work with pure HTML5 and SCSS or with frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular and Vue.

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